The Hearing Voices Approach (12-13 November 2019)

This 2 day course is the perfect starting place if you are new to the hearing voices approach. At the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the hearing voices approach and how to apply it in many practical settings – either for yourself, in your work as a mental health professional or in your family/home environment.

Voices can cause extreme distress and confusion, and become significant barriers to recovery.

Many workers find talking about voices frightening and uncomfortable, while family, friends and carers are often unsure of what is helpful or how to make sense of what is happening.

This course is ideal if you:

  • want to better understand the experience of hearing voices & recovery
  • want to start a hearing voices support group
  • are interested in a new approach to working with individuals on their voices
  • want to change your own relationship with voices
  • work with voice hearers in a clinical or community setting
  • are a friend or family member of a voice hearer.


  • $450 ​​full ​fee
  • $315 Concession/Student fee


How do I register?

You can :

  • contact us directly on 9692 9500
  • or go online, via Eventbrite


Financial Difficulty

We understand that money is sometimes an issue. Please contact our office if you are experiencing financial difficulty and we’ll do our best to help.