Voice Profiling (3 December 2019)


Please note that you will need to have completed ‘The Hearing Voices Approach’ training before signing up for this one.

Voice Profiling focuses on the use of the Maastricht Interview, mind maps and other techniques. These tools provide the opportunity to methodically identify the different voices, their content/messages and their many different characteristics. Profiling also looks at how the experience of hearing voices fits into a person’s life history, which in turn helps provide context for the experience. The course also looks at barriers of working with voices, the discomfort of non voice hearers and working safely with voices. Please click here for the flyer.

This course is ideal if you:

  • Want to work with voice hearers’ experiences in therapeutic ways
  • Support voice hearers to build awareness, control & reduce distress
  • Want to better understand your own, or your loved one’s, voices


  • $300 ​​Full ​fee
  • $210 Concession/Student fee

We do provide hardship rates please contact Voices Vic to find out more.

How do I register?

You can :

  • contact us directly on 9692 9500
  • or go online, via Eventbrite


Financial Difficulty

We understand that money is sometimes an issue. Please contact our office if you are experiencing financial difficulty and we’ll do our best to help.